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KCR Worshiping Godavari raises suspicions


Hyderabad: The campaign that Minister KTR is going to be the Telangana CM is going on on a large scale. TRS leaders are also openly commenting that KTR is going to be the chief minister. In this context, BJP leader Vijayashanti made interesting remarks. She said that the ministers were signaling that KTR was the future chief minister.


Vijayashanti said that KCR is taking the Kaleswaram project to the skies and has been touring the projects that have pity him in the form of commissions for another year. He said the visits and worship at the temples were like a Thanksgiving party for the son to hand over the CM pedestal and give before leaving. “It looks like KCR has paid the river mother plants as compensation for stealing thousands of crores in the name of the Kaleswaram project,” he said. KCR has been criticized for not having time to meet the expatriates who landed for these projects.


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