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iSmart Shankar’ Girl Faces Unacceptable Behaviour on Stage


‘iSmart Shankar’ girl Niddhi Agerwal‘s debut Tamil movie ‘Eeshwaran’ starring Simbu in the lead role is coming for this Sankranthi for Tamil audiences and the actress has become the cynosure of the eyes during the interviews and at the audio launch event.

At the audio launch event, in the name of fun, the director of the movie Suseestharan was seen pestering her to say, ‘Sindhu Mama! I love you.’ Though she tried to avoid saying that and said something else to keep the audiences entertained, the director was seen insisting her do that.

This was unacceptable and led to a heated debate on social media platforms about the director’s behaviour as unacceptable. Many felt it really very bad and the director shouldn’t be doing that for the sake of creating fun and amusing the hero’s fans.

After the heat, the director gave a clarification that he insisted on saying, ‘Simbu Mama! I love you’ because that’s her dialogue in the movie. However, that’s unacceptable to create this kind of fun without no respect for the female lead actor of the film.


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