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When RGV’s Mother Wanted to Kill Puri Jagannadh


puri ‘s name is the name that RGV takes as the person who he likes the most. What’s the equation between the two? Puri Jagannadh says that RGV is so attached to him that whenever he comes to Hyderabad, he comes to him, without fail.

Even RGV’s mother got so vexed that she wanted to kill Puri Jagannadh as RGV doesn’t give time for her even though she wanted to talk with him. He leaves to Puri Jagannadh’s den immediately after dumping the bags at home.

Coming to his personal favourites, the director took Balakrishna’s name and heaped praises on the star for his straightforwardness, being dynamic and energetic. Puri expressed his desire to work with him again, very soon.

There were people who told him not to do movies with Balakrishna trying to frighten the director away telling that Balayya was problematic. But, Puri doesn’t agree that he was problematic. Amitabh Bachchan is his favourite from his childhood.


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