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Next Big Promo of KGF 2 Loading


Fans are hungry for updates related to ‘KGF Chapter‘ as the makers seem to have been keeping low with lesser promotions and promo material coming out. However, the producer of the movie shared a cryptic message that suggests that there is something big regarding the teaser.

Yash’s birthday is coming soon and that might mean that the producer has big plans and those big plans might include releasing the teaser of KGF Chapter 2. In that case, Yash’s fans will be waiting for the teaser expecting it to be on a different level. The expectations of the movie-buffs have already been on a high level.

So, the teaser would be coming in January 2021 and fans wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than a teaser in the present scenario. When the clue came from the producer, there is every chance that it could be true.

The film’s team resumed the shooting after the COVID break and it’s a good thing for the movie that Sanjay Dutt joined the Hyderabad schedule, the third schedule for canning some action sequences despite his health condition after the cancer diagnosis.


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