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My Fans Don’t Like to See Me in Bikini


Everyone have their choices and wearing a bikini or not is the choice that rests in the hands of the woman who had to wear it or like to wear it. Taapsee Pannu stands among those who doesn’t feel comfortable in a bikini.

Yes. We’ve seen her flaunting herself in a bikini a few times in her movies but she says that she would normally say no as she doesn’t like towear a bikini at all and she also feels that her fans also don’t like to see her in a bikini.

Well, with the ind of movies she has got to her credit and the projects in her pipeline, no one would be thinking to watch her in a bikini because she is going to amaze us with her performances in ‘Rashmi Rocket’, ‘Haseena Dilruba’ etc.

Movies like ‘Pink’, ‘Thappad’ etc. have earned her the tag of being among the cult actresses as Shabana Azmi, Smitha Patil etc. So, she needn’t worry about the bikini show as she already has got her platter full with sensible roles up her sleeve.


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