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Casual & Cool, NTR Gives Worth Their Money


Paparazzi’s don’t miss clicking any celebrity whenever they come out into the public. Airports are the perfect places where they can spot celebrities and capture them with their camera eye. Look here! NTR was spotted at Hyderabad Airport and they didn’t miss clicking his pictures.

We must agree that NTR is dashing in the casual look with a stylish aura that came with the combination of green T-shirt and cream-coloured chinos. Of course, it’s his natural charm that made the clothes look stylish on him. We’ll say that cool and causual NTR’s pics were worth every penny of their money.

He has been shooting for his upcpmong period drama RRR with Rajamouli and hence, NTR has been travelling a lot. So, the paparazzi knew that he would be found at Hyderabad airport once in a while, anyway. We aren’t complaining though as long as they didn’t breach the Nandamuri hero’s personal space.


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