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Your Life Cannot Start & End with One Person – Renu Desai


Being in love and the feeling of being cheated is something very hard to comes to terms with but ihat doesn’t mean one needs to think to the extent of commiting suicide. Renu  was asked to give her statement about love failures during the recent chat session on Instagram.

Addressing the issue, Renu Desai said that no one is more important than our life. It’s not right to think about killing oneself for love failures. She suggested to take the help of family and friends to come out of that grief.

She added, “Your life cannot start and end with one person.” That’s absolutely sensible advice coming from Renu desai as celebrities words do have some infleunce on their followers. It’s been a while since Renu Desai was seen doing Insta chat.

She also talked about her upcoming projects and especially, her next films that would go on to the sets next year, a film about farmers.


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