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Pawan Kalyan Making Costly Sacrifices for BJP


janasena  President Pawan Kalyan had withdrawn from the GHMC elections and extended unconditional support to the BJP candidates. After a meeting with BJP leaders, Pawan Kalyan has cited extensive public interests as the reason for taking this decision.

This decision did not go well with the party supporters and political experts say this is a big blunder. “Any alliance is formed on the interests of the involved parties. Pawan Kalyan should keep Janasena’s interests above BJP interests. Any compromise on that front will be detrimental to the party,” political experts say.

“In all probability, there are no further elections in Telangana unless there are any by-elections. Local elections are also completed. That means Janasena will face the next elections in Telangana without testing ground. BJP will only grow ambitious from here and would never leave even a decent number of seats to Janasena in the future,” they opine.

“Janasena is also likely to leave Tirupati for BJP. That means it is also sacrificing its Andhra Pradesh space for BJP. Unless leaving GHMC means giving lesser space to BJP, this strategy makes no sense. Going by the statements of BJP in Tirupati, that looks extremely unlikely,” they add.


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