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Deverakonda’s Movie Right on Track to Deliver


After the trailer hit the online platforms, Anand deverakonda’s ‘Middle Class Melodies’ picked up momentum big time as the content of the promo was intriguing enough to attract the audiences’ curiosity to watch the movie.

Vijay Deverakonda shared the trailer of the movie with a caption that the content was impressive. The trailer of the movie had 10 million views indicating that it had created quite a good buzz. If the movie maintains the same flow, it will strike chord.

Let’s wait and see the audience’s verdict after watching the movie. Anand Deverakonda is quite confident that the movie is going to be successful and people would love it.

The movie is going to stream on Amazon Prime on 20th November. It’s an important movie for junior Deverakonda along with the heroine, Varsha Bollamma.


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