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High Expectations on True Big Star Movie Laxmii


‘Laxmii’, the Hindi remake of Raghava Lawrence’s Tamil blockbuster ‘Kanchana’ will be streaming on Hotstar today at 7:30 pm. There are high expectations for the movie. Till now, many Bollywood movies made it to the digital platforms as direct OTT releases.

This is the first film starring a true star hero playing the lead and therefore, there are big speculations on the opening talk. As it was a proven subject and the director of the original helmed the remake projet as well, audiences are expecting a blockbuster talk after the premiere show.

Akshay Kumar’s track record with back-to-back sure hit films to his credit and the huge star value he commands si another reason for the high expectations on ‘Laxmii’. The trailer of the movie earned positive responses to the character Akshay Kumar will be seen playing.

He rocked in the transgender role and it would be a treat for his fans to watch Akshay Kumar playing different shades of the character as a naive person who is afraid of ghosts to a person who was possessed and impersonated by a transgender


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