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BJP’s AP Strategy Making Janasena Extremely Uncomfortable


Janasena Party has allied with BJP to multiply itself strength in Andhra Pradesh but the exact opposite is happening. Janasena extended its complete support to Amaravati before the alliance but later was taken back when the Central Government started distancing itself from the issue.

BJP is indirectly supporting the three capitals idea which has dented the credibility of Janasena. There are reports that the Central Government has gone back on the complete funding of the Polavaram Project. Union Finance Ministry is reportedly pressurizing the State Government to agree for 2014 estimations of 20,398 Crore.

It has served an ultimatum that the pending funds will be released only if the offer is accepted. According to the current estimates, the project will need 47,575 Crore for completion. BJP has nothing to lose in AP but with such controversial decisions, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena will be at the receiving end.

It looks like Pawan Kalyan is going to repent the decision of allying with BJP


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