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11/11 – the One and Only Rajamouli


If there is one director considering all the film industries across the county who has a 100% success rate, then it must be ss rajamouli. Till now, he delivered eleven movies and all of them are successes.

Today is the birthday of India’s most liked and most popular pan-Indian director from South, SS Rajamouli. Birthday wishes have been showering for him from across the country and he deserves every bit of the love he has been receiving.

India’s number one movie, ‘Baahubali, The Conclusion’ is with him and there is no one near to him to beat his 11/11 record. If his next RRR too creates the same magic as baahubali, his fame will reach the next level.

Certainly, there are huge expectations on RRR and once the movie gets into the promotional mode, Rajamouli is sure to take the entire country along in his own stride. From mirchi9 team, many happy returns of the day to India’s biggest director with the unbeatable and the highest success rate.


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