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Tamannaah Tested COVID Positive, Now Discharged?


In a social media note released by Tamannaah , she stated that she was tested COVID Positive last week after she succumbed to mild fever. She was admitted into a private hospital in Hyderabad.

Now, she is discharged from hospital as Tamannaah has been doing relatively well and is going to self-quarantine herself till she regains her health. Hoping to fully recover very soon, the actress sent a virtual hug to all those people who sent her love.

Her fans were a little bit tensed after knowing that she was tested positive. Despite her team being disciplined, Tamannaah had contracted the infection. So, it’s clear that no one knows who would be infected and when.

Hoping Tamannaah would recuperate soon, let’s wait till she gets back to normal health and informs the same for all those who have been concerned about her health.


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