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Fake news on SP Balasubrahnamyam pains family members


While the family members and fans of legendary singer SP Balasubrahnamyam are already saddened, fake news on him is causing further pain. Since Saturday, a message is going viral on social media platforms about SP Balasubrahnamyam’s hospital bills. The fake message says that SP Balasubrahnamyam family was not in a position to pay his hospital bills and MGM Hospital management did not even give body to family members, till they paid full bill.

This message has caused pain to not just SP Balasubrahnamyam family members but millions of his fans. Denying the message SP Balu’s son SP Charan released a video on Sunday. Again on Monday SP Charan held a press conference in Chennai along with MGM hospital authorities and clarified that there was absolutely no issue in case of hospital bills and they have paid all the bill and even insurance was availed. He further stated that MGM Hospital management never stressed for bill and they worked hard for the treatment of SP Balu and did all they could to save SPB.


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