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Lakshmibomb film on OTT..Comedy and scared


Movie shootings with Corona Rakasi have stopped. Theaters are not open yet. Films that have already been completed are yet to be released. OTT is the safest place to release movies in this corona time. Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar’s movie will also be released by OTT.

The stage was set for the release of his new film Lakshmi Bomb. The film was acquired by Disney Hot Star for Rs. 125 crores. The film is set to release on August 15.
It is known that the director, Raghava Lawrence Muni is making a series as a sequel. Kanchana received good success in the series. Recently Kanchana – 3 came forward to the audience and was well received. There is interest in remaking these films in other languages ​​in this order.

Tusshar Kapoor was the producer. Kiara Advani plays the heroine opposite Akshay Kumar. Horror – The film is based on comedy. Fans have been waiting a long time for this movie. The film unit originally planned to release the film on May 27.

But due to the corona virus, the release was postponed due to the closure of theaters. The film is finally set to release on the OTT platform to entertain the audience. Akshay and Kiara themselves revealed this on social media.

The Lakshmi Bomb movie can be seen at home on the first day. Akshay says that even if he gives a guarantee in two things, he will laugh and be afraid. It has been revealed that a bomb will explode in your house soon and the first show will be aired on DisneyPlusHSVIP in your house.


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