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Strange incident that happened in Twins born 9 minutes difference


Following the recent release of CBSE results, Noida-based twins Mansi and Manya are making a name for themselves. This is because there are many similarities between those born 9 minutes apart. They were born on March 3, 2003, 9 minutes apart. The only thing that separates the two so far is this. Leaving that aside the two faces and throat are identical.
Both are active in badminton. Eventually the eating habits will also be the same. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. However, now there is another issue for both stars that is surprising parents and teachers even more. In the recently released CBSE exam results, both of them scored the same score and turned everyone’s attention to themselves. Both are studying science and scored 95.8 percent.
Mansi said she was very happy to get the same marks for both of the five subjects. They thought that Manya would get higher marks than Mansi in the board exams, but both received the same type of marks. Mansi explains that Manya has a good grasp on physics and is better than her in chemistry. Both are studying at Aster Public School in Greater Noida and are competing in every subject.

School vice-principal Jaiveer Dagar said he was still struggling to remember who among them was. After examining their marks they were surprised that they could not believe it. Both sisters scored 98 marks in English and Computer Science and 95 marks in Physics, Chemistry and Physical Education. Suchetan Raj Singh, the father of the twins who knew the subject, said he was proud to see them. Now both of them are preparing for the engineering exams, said mother Vijaya Singh. In engineering they hoped to be robbed of rank.


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