Home World Ancient Toilets in Rome! God …? How they used that !!

Ancient Toilets in Rome! God …? How they used that !!


These were latrines set up in Rome in ancient times! These were used collectively by the people of that time.! Long wooden bowls have holes! Water flows beneath them.! Those who came to the toilet will sit on these.!

They used a substance called xlospongium to clean it after work! Xylospongium means a sponge attached to the end of a long stick. Dip one foot into warm water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.

Many accidents also take place in these mass toilets! Once in a while rats bite the testicles of people sitting on the toilet! Occasional explosions may also occur due to methane gas produced by the effluent! Bacteria and viruses can spread from one person to another due to the sponge, which can lead to many diseases! People of this age are praying to their goddess Fortuna that their toilet bowl will be safe!


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