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Green signal for the demolition of the Secretariat


Obstacles to the demolition of the old secretariat of Telangana state have been removed. The High Court gave the green signal for the demolition of the Secretariat. The court dismissed all the petitions filed against the demolition. Already 80 percent of the buildings have been demolished. With the High Court giving the green signal for further demolition, those works are picking up even faster. Piel. The bench dismissed the petition filed by Vishweshwar. The Assistant Solicitor General said the demolition of the Secretariat buildings did not require central approvals. It was clarified that only permits are required to undertake new constructions. The Advocate General, on the other hand, revealed that all permits would be taken before undertaking new constructions.

Counsel for the petitioner contended that the demolition of the buildings would take place within the land preparation itself. After hearing both the arguments, the High Court agreed with the Solicitor General’s contention that the Central Environmental Permit was not required. The court also welcomed the decision of the cabinet. The court clarified that the demolition work will be carried out only after the government takes all the permits.

The court directed that the works be celebrated with a view to Covid-19. The court dismissed the petition, making it clear that the government had all the authority to demolish the buildings.


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