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Talented Director to make Digital Debut


Prashanth Varma is one talented movie director who made a blemish on the Cinema directly with his first movie, Awe!. The film even packed away a few National Awards. Be that as it may, he floundered with his subsequent film, Kalki. Prashanth claims the disappointment is because of the tale of another essayist.

He is right now making a film on an infection virus, a first of its sort in Telugu Cinema. The youthful movie producer will likewise make his Digital Debut very soon. He allegedly marked a few Web-Series as of now and one of them is for Hotstar+Disney. In any case, the subtleties of these web-arrangement are yet to be uncovered.

It isn’t clear when they will go on the floors. Prashanth is right now going for the Virus film taking all the vital safety measures. Indeed, it is one of the not many movies which began shooting conquering the current circumstance. The movement banner of the movie will be discharged soon and the executive is intending to uncover the film’s story with that.

Given the novel subjects Prashanth Varma picks, his web-arrangement will be fascinating to look for.


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