Home News Telangana is finally going to increase the tests…

Telangana is finally going to increase the tests…


According to the medical bulletin released last night, there were 14,419 cases of coronavirus in Telangana. Over 10,000 cases have been crossed in Hyderabad alone. The state government has stopped testing since last Friday to clear backlog samples.

The government says extensive testing will begin tomorrow. The government has decided to conduct extensive tests in the southern and western zones of the GHMC where the cases are most prevalent. Health Minister Etila Rajendra says it will start from tomorrow.

Telangana has conducted 82,000 tests so far. Andhra Pradesh has maintained a similar number in the last three or four days. Earlier, the chief minister KCR announced that he would perform 50,000 tests in the last ten days. It is doubtful how long the government will keep its promise.

Tests have been suspended for more than four days. On the other hand… According to the government, so far, 255 government employees, 31 private health staff, and 124 police have been infected with the virus. However, according to unofficial news, this number could be even higher.


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