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AP Assembly Turns More Bizzare, Speaker Loses Cool


Andhra Pradesh Assembly is witnessing some bizarre scenes. Speaker Tammineni Sitaram like no speaker in the history of the state lost control. He is seen repeatedly addressing the Leader of Opposition in Singular form without respect.

“ఏమనుకుంటున్నావ్? నీ ఉడతా ఊపులకు, పిల్లి శాపనార్ధాలకు ఎవరూ భయపడరు. ఎల్ఓపీ అయితే ఎవరికీ గొప్ప? జాగ్రత్త… ఏం మాట్లాడుతున్నాడు?” These are some of the words spoken by the Speaker when the Opposition side has asked when the house is discussing the housing for poor project.

Several houses constructed during the TDP regime are lying vacant and it is alleged that the Ruling Party does not want to give them away to the beneficiaries since it would get a good name to the Opposition Party. The ruling party alleges corruption in that project.

But that could not explain why the houses are left vacant. The Opposition is not allowed to talk when they wanted to question about the same. There is a severe criticism of the Speaker on social media alleging that he is behaving like a YSR Congress agent.


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