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Janasena Embarrasses Itself or BJP Ill-Treating Pawan Kalyan’s Party


Interesting events have unfolded regarding the alliance between Janasena and BJP. It is already known to our readers that Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay telling the media that they are going alone and there is no alliance with any party including Janasena.

The last one day before the close of nominations, the high drama unfolded. Janasena sent a message to the media and also posted a tweet on its official account saying that Pawan Kalyan and Bandi Sanjay will sit this afternoon to discuss a possible alliance between both the parties.

News Channels have aired reports that BJP stopped releasing the candidates’ list. But then, to the embarrassment of Janasena, Bandi Sanjay once again came before the media and clarified that there is no such proposal and said no meeting was planned.

“We decided the candidates and we will release the list,” Sanjay said. This development has come as an embarrassment to Janasena and the party supporters are fuming at the ill-treatment of the BJP leadership. It is not known if Janasena embarrassed by reacting to some false information or if BJP is really ill-treating the party. The big mistake is acknowledging the meeting from official handles.

It should have instead given a leak to the media if it really wants to. It is rumored that Janasena will be contesting in 40-60 wards in this election.


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