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Another Trend by Trendsetting Legendary Hero


Kamal Haasan is a name that is an equivalent for film in India and particularly the whole South India entertainment world. He has set numerous patterns in his long profession. Kamal Haasan is past sixty now (66 years), but here he accompanies another pattern once more.

The title declaration for Kamal Haasan’s impending film KamalHaasan232 is made with dazzling video. We have movement banners to declare the title, or simply the principal watch banner is out. Here the youthful sensation, chief Lokesh Kanagaraj has concocted a whole video just to introduce the title of the film.

All things considered, here it is. KamalHaasan232 is named Vikram. It is really a reused title. To the individuals who don’t know, Vikram is the title of one of the well known and notable movies of the star from the eighties. It would seem that the chief is an extraordinary fanatic of the equivalent and has hence named his activity flick equivalent to a recognition.

The title-uncover video is smooth with Kamal Haasan taking a gander at his stylish best. The vibe and mind-set are enthusiastic, with astounding foundation score by Anirudh. It is his second consecutive trip with the legend Kamal Haasan. Despite the fact that it will be the first to come out. Other cast and group will be uncovered soon as Vikram is set to initiate its shoot soon.

Look at the entrancing bother beneath. Vikram is scheduled to have a late spring 2021 delivery.


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