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Please Allow Us to Grieve – Legendary Singer’s Son


It was an irreparable loss for not only the film industry but also most importantly for the immediate family that legendary Balasubramanyam passed away. However, certain rumours started surfacing regarding the absence of stars who didn’t pay personal visits.

Responding to those rumours, the legendary singer’s son, SP Charan questioned whether people wouldn’t allow them to grieve the passing away of their father. All this began when there had been rumours about Ajith not paying a personal visit.

SP Charan clearly stated that Ajith was a dear friend and maybe, he wants to grieve at home. How does it matter even that their father already passed away and he had to see that his mother is taken care of during this grieving period?

If one doesn’t cry in public, it doesn’t mean they care. He’s actually thinking of constructing a memorial in his father’s name and worried about his mother more than anything else. As he requested, it’s actually the best to leave the family to grieve the loss.


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