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Not Only Nani But This Young Star Is Also Impacted


Without any doubt, Natural Star Nani is the foremost star who has been impacted due to the coronavirus lockdown. For all we talk about V post-digital release, it could have done well theatricality, especially opening on Ugadi festival. Now we have another hero who is following him despite being in much better position theatrically.

The hero is Ram. The actor had a blockbuster outing theatrically with Ismart Shankar. The Puri Jagannadh directorial was career-best grosser and he got great accolades for his mass portrayal.

It led to high expectations on Ram’s next release Red. It was supposed to arrive two weeks after V. Both these movies were the summer biggies everyone was looking after. Unfortunately, Red did not release till now.

V has forced Nani to take stock of the situation. It will be reflected in Tuck Jagadish. But, when it comes to Ram, he is still stuck at Red. Ideally, it should have been a new flick by now. But, it looks like the star is not in a rush.

The lack of speed is where Ram has faltered in the past. He has had massive success with Ready and Nenu Shailaja, but the momentum has never been built. After a gap, it looked like Ismart Shankar has brought him back on track. But the pandemic has come unexpectedly to throw him off plans. The impact can be felt in the online discourse. The offscreen activity of the actor also doesn’t help the cause.

Recently, there was a lot of talk about Ram joining hands with Surender Reddy, but that is not happening. Now we hear that a new project could be announced soon. Well, we hope that it happens soon as all the contemporaries of Ram have gone ahead with new projects or have put a few in the pipeline. Let’s see what Ram has in the store.



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