Home Entertainment Sexual Assault Case, Oosaravelli Actress Paayal Ghosh Getting Cornered

Sexual Assault Case, Oosaravelli Actress Paayal Ghosh Getting Cornered


It implied they were readily available for sexual favours in return of getting cast. Payan said that she declined the offer. It was only a matter of time as the names of these actresses were unnecessarily dragged into controversy by Paayal Ghosh of Payanam and Oosaravelli fame. Today, Richa Chadda and Huma Qureshi have come up with official statements regarding their stand.

Richa Chadda has issued an official notice stating that she supports Payal Ghosh to get the justice if what she says is true. However, she is not going to sit silent when her name is dragged needlessly into the controversy. Richa is going to take legal action against Payal Ghosh.

Similarly, Huma Qureshi also released a statement expressing that she is upset and angry at her name being dragged unnecessarily into the mess. She also says that baseless allegations like these only dampen the spirits and hard work of women who have worked for years to reach this stage in their fight for workplace rights and equality.

Previously, Taapsee too had expressed solidarity to the director at the centre of the controversy, Anurag Kashyap. However, unlike Richa and Huma, who are getting lauded for their response, she was trolled.


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