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Comedian Sai Kumar entered Bigg boss house


It seems Bigg boss makers heard the feedback on the list of contestants of this season .As everyone knows, the audience was disappointed by seeing the first episode of this season. One of the reasons is – there is no comedian in thev house this season. Secondly, most of the contestants are youtube stars and not really ‘celebrities’ in terms of the common audience. Thirdly, there are more contestants who don’t know Telugu.

But now, Sai Kumar Pampanna, comedian of tollywood joined the house as wild card entry. He has been in the industry for last 16 years working in the direction department but later turned a comedian. He got recognition from the movie like “Ee rojullo”, bus stop etc. He told that, he is more keen on weilding a mega phone and he is rejecting characters to work on the scripts for his directorial debut. On the question that whether joining house as wild card entry is advantageous to him, he told it is actually disadvantageous to him as the housemates may not readily accept him.

We will have to wait and see how his journey will be in the house.


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