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Blockbuster Jodi Back Reminiscing Sweet Things


It’s been 14 years since ‘Bommarillu’ came to the theatres and made records across the Telugu States. The blockbuster movie created a trend of its own. How would it be if the blockbuster Jodi met once again?

This is the time when one can’t actually meet one’s co-star even if one wants to. The blockbuster on-screen couple did meet but over a video call. But, that as a virtual meeting, right? But, they can’t ask for more when times are so sensitive with the pandemic around.

This is the video our screen Haasini aka Genelia shared on her social media account with her popular dialogue, “Anthena? Inkem Kavali? Veelaithe nalugu maatalu, kappu coffee.” it was quite adorable to watch them talk like old friends who met after a long time. Isn’t it cute?

One glance at them would make the audiences remember the magic the on-screen couple created long back when Haasini and Siddhu became household names and on everyone’s’ tongue.


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