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Ram Gopal Varma’s next film “ALLU”


RGV has tweeted his another one of RgvWorldheatre which is a fictional reality movie “అల్లు”


He said that it was a fictional story of what one brother-in-law from behind did to the family of a big star. This story will start from the time the star announces his “Jana Rajyam” party.

RGV said that the title has been fixed as the main character has all sorts of plans.

“అల్లు” will have characters called

A Aaravind, K Chiraaanjeevi, Prawan Kalyan, A Aaarjun, A Sheeresh, K R Chraran, N Baebu and etc etc

Moreover, he told that this movie is going to be a revenge for calling him “Nikrustudu”


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