Home Entertainment Bigg Boss 4 teaser is coming ..!

Bigg Boss 4 teaser is coming ..!


Bigg Boss is a television reality show that is preparing for its fourth season after three seasons. However, in the wake of the corona upheaval, the Bigg Boss show has released a promo for season 4, raising doubts about whether the show will be aired this year or not. However, Nagarjuna, who was the host for season 3, is also being taken in season 4 again.

The latest add for the show was shot at Annapurna Studios. It was directed by Soggade Chinninaina film director Kalyan Krishna. The Bigg Boss teaser will be released soon. On the other hand, some of the contestants have already been selected and will be kept in quarantine for 14 days and then sent home.


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