Home News Tragedy .. The last child of the seventh Nizam is no more…

Tragedy .. The last child of the seventh Nizam is no more…


It is known that the Nizam family was enlightened as the kings of the state of Hyderabad. It is known that Mir Usman Ali Khan was the last king of the seventh Nizam who ruled the state of Hyderabad with a monopoly. But recently there was a tragedy in that family. Sabegam Saheba (93), daughter of Saheb Zadi Bashir, daughter of Mir Usman Ali Khan, the 7th Nizam king of the Hyderabad colony, died.

She has been seriously ill for a few days. It was in this context that Sabegam Saheba died on Tuesday at her residence in Puranapool, Hyderabad. Born in 1927, she was the last child of the Seventh Nizam. She currently resides in the Puranihaveli Usman Cottage on the premises of the Nizam State Museum. Bashirunnisa Begum Saheba has a daughter Rashidunnisa Begum. Upon learning of this information, several Nizam family members and relatives expressed their deepest condolences over her death and paid tribute to Parthivadeha. Her funeral will be held on Wednesday evening at the Dargah Yahiya Pasha Cemetery in the city’s old town.


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