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Pawan Kalyan fans vs RGV, Varma Gets Back Strongly


Two movies have now become all the rage in the Telugu States, particularly, among Pawan Kalyan’s fans for the reasons we have known, clearly. They are RGV’s ‘Powerstar’ and Nutan Naidu’s ‘Parannajeevi’.

Passing by the gathering of the two films, we can unmistakably observe that they are pitched against one another for mudslinging and corrupting the character of the VIPs being referred to in the individual motion pictures. Them two are parodies sans content.

RGV made it really evident that he has focused on Pawan Kalyan and it’s only a joke of the character. Nutan Naidu, the previous Big Boss competitor likewise focused on just corrupting RGV to the degree of depicting him as an extraordinary alcoholic who is dependent on sex entertainment and ladies.

Content-wise, there is nothing to make reference to in both the films and they are for fans and enemies of fans separately without a doubt. Both the motion pictures are not exactly an hour and RGV’s film is of shorter length than ‘Parannajeevi’.


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