Home News Corona Positive to famous actor and his father

Corona Positive to famous actor and his father


Corona virus is booming in the country. Ordinary people, celebrities and political leaders alike are affected by this virus. It is known that many people in the film industry are also affected by corona. Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan is also suffering from corona. However, it is rumored that Corona has caused a stir in the family of Tamil hero Vishal.

Responding to the matter, Vishal told that his father is tested positive for corona. Vishal himself said on his Twitter that he also has few corona symptoms. In it … yes it is true, our dad was diagnosed with corona positive. I have a fever, a cold, a cough because I am with him. My manager has the same symptoms. But we got rid of this danger in just a week by using Ayurvedic medicines. Vishal tweeted that we are all healthy right now.


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