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A gang is attempting to stop open doors for me in Bollywood – Rahman


Oscar Award winning music director AR Rahman made sensational comments. There have been serious allegations that a gang is working hard to prevent him from getting opportunities in Bollywood. In an interview with Radio Mirchi, Rahman said that this is the reason why he did not get the opportunity to provide music for more movies in Bollywood.


He said that Director Mukesh Chabra has approached him to compose music for Dil Bechara, which he did in two days. Mukesh Chabra, who was surprised to compose and deliver songs so quickly, said that he had just said something to Rahman. Many people told him “don’t go to Rahman, he wont compose music for your movie”.

What he understands from this is that a gang is working against him in Bollywood and spreading lies about him. That is why only a fewer movies are coming to him.


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