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Power Star Didn’t Miss His Bhakth’s Special Day


There are days when youthful Heroes used to shower their Pawan Kalyan Bhakth picture and attempt to pick up the preference of the Power Star’s lifelong fans. Be that as it may, just a couple stuck out and were acknowledged by Power Star’s fans.

Out of these, Nithin is obvious as he has over and over demonstrated that he is Pawan Kalyan’s lifelong fan. Along these lines, it is anything but an unexpected that Pawan Kalyan went to the youthful Hero Function for the groom capacity to favor him. This implies a great deal for the groom, without a doubt.

After ‘An… Aa’, Nithin resembles a fanboy for Trivikram Srinivas. The director was alongside Pawan Kalyan when the team made it a highlight go to one of Nithin’s wedding festivities. We’ve additionally got the chance to see Nithin in his Wedding outfit. Is it safe to say that he isn’t generally attractive in the conventional symbol?

Clearly, Pawan Kalyan’s clothing looks like on the off chance that he has been in Shiva Mala (Deeskha for 40 days). Coincidentally, this would be perhaps the rarest picture of Pawan Kalyan as his fans must see him extremely less during this pandemic occasions.


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