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Critic Trashed by Fans for Negative Review on Late Sushanth


Late Sushanth Singh Rajput’s last film ‘Dil Bechara‘ started streaming on HotStar since last night and has opened up to a thunderous blockbuster response from the audiences as expected due to that emotional factor involved.

The reviews on the deceased star’s latest release were all positive but for a review from a Bollywood critic who felt that the movie couldn’t do justice to Sushanth Singh Rajput and it’s not a good movie, even. He wrote, “It’s dull and depressing.”

The Bollywood critic was trashed by not only fans but also neutral audiences for saying this opinion about ‘Dil Bechara’. They started calling the review as insensitive and suggested to him that there is something called silence and having a heart.

“Everything is not about money and business, ” wrote Sushanth‘s fans who went teary-eyed for the befitting farewell the star has got with this movie. Well, he would be remembered for the movies he did though there weren’t many and how we wish that he was still alive to do many heart-touching and memorable movies.


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