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Telangana-The corona Hotspot in Telugu States


Telangana which has been one of the crown hotspots in the nation after Maharastra and Tamil Nadu contacted the greatest single-day climb in positive cases on Friday. As per the well-being notice discharged by the well-being authorities, the state enrolled 1,892 cases that took the complete count to 20,462 positives to date.

Then again, theories became over the right figures detailed by the state government. Isn’t the state well-being authorities presenting the right crown numbers to the focal group..? Is T-government attempting to conceal things from media and association service..? Indeed, insights the well-being announcements discharged by the state government.

Telangana government for the most part discharges a well-being announcement ordinary night which gives the quantity of positive cases, fatalities and number of tests done. Notwithstanding, Thursday disarray held as the state discharged two distinct numbers in the well-being release and the Health division’s dashboard.

While the well-being announcement showed the complete cases in the state as 18, 750, the state well-being office’s dashboard indicated the number to be 21, 393. The thing that matters is disturbing 3,000 cases. Indeed, even the all out fatalities had a distinction of 10. This has been the second day straight that there are inconsistencies in the numbers discharged by the state.

Then, the 18 ICMR affirmed private labs carting out crown testings have considered away the testings until fifth attributable to the substantial burden which may have the quantity of positive cases for the following hardly any days.


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