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A young director who dared and started shooting…


His first movie was A! Prashant Varma, who won the National Award with his latest film, ‘PV 3’, has started shooting in Hyderabad today. Following the lockdown, following all the government regulations, few people started shooting today.

So far… all the movies that started shooting after the lockdown have completed their shooting almost before the lockdown. The rest of the shooting has been completed and the shooting is planned to be released in OTT if necessary. The #PV3 thing, however, is not that.

#PV3 40% shooting completed before the lockdown. The film’s story and actors are confidential. However, the hint was given by Hint in promotions so far that the story may have something to do with the current corona situation.

Prashant Varma A! After the film, Rajasekhar has released a film titled Kalki. Prashant Varma took a good mark. With this, the young director has high hopes for the new film. The film is expected to go on the sets early next year.


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